Easy Doable Routine To Fight Early Morning Depression

This routine is short, easy and totally doable  with minimum effort. People under depression can barely even ‘try’ to put a effort in anything, let alone build a routine. This routine is simple, totally doable and certainly effective. It can definitely help better manage the day and keep you emotionally stable. This can also help a great deal to deal with loneliness and busy schedules.

For those really lazy folks and depressed souls, feed this advice first to your mind:

It doesn’t matter how well you execute any of the steps in the beginning; what is most important is that you do it. No matter how busy, how less of the time left to carry out any of these steps, ensure you do attempt the routine even if that means skipping a step(s). These are steps that almost anyone, at any part of the world can carry out in a small matter of time. And these certainly do work ! No matter how distracted you get, attempting and sticking to the routine will eventually make it a habit and re-align you no matter the distractions i reality.

  1. Wake up early morning

A lot of people will find this really difficult but this is immensely gratifying! Wake up early around sunrise. If you have a window in your room then do take a look outside at the sky and roads. Because its still a little dark, you will hopeful – that there is still time before you need to make a rush for the day, there is still time before you need to act, there is still time to plan. Don’t let you mind think yet. Go to step 2.


      2. Stretch or even better do the Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is great to kick start the day. Less lazy people can go ahead ad carry out rounds of sun salutations or their favorite thread of postures.

For those of you who are new to yoga just do as follows:

Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

Spread a mat on the floor. Face North or East.

  • Lie on your stomach with the forehead resting on the ground. Feet close together.
  • Place your palms on the ground, elbows parallel and close to your body.
  • Breathing in, lift your head, chest and abdomen -while still resting your navel o the floor. This can be done slow. Feel each part lifting up as you go. Do not strain yourself and perfection is not the priority at the beginning – hence stretch as much as you can for now.
  • Pull your torso back and balance with the help of your palms.
  • Exhaling bring your abdomen, chest and head back to the floor. Be gentle.

Try as many times as you can. Ignore any uncomfortability you feel at the beginning.  Its only a matter of time before this becomes your most indispensable routine. Probably even just one round can tire you out; but keep at it. You may rest for a few mins after the first round. In the beginning try and do atleast 3-5 rounds. Trust me ! in the coming days, the posture comes to you super easily and you will increase the no. of rounds.

This posture is all encompassing.

Definite! Benefits of Bhujangasana:

  • Relieves stress & improves focus.
  • Tones the abdomen. Really.
  • Helps reduce binge eating.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Improves menstrual irregularities.
  • Strengthens the shoulders, back and neck. Increases flexibility.

You can find a good trust able tutorial for the same here.


      3. Few seconds of time alone.

Spend a  few minutes alone to yourself.

What you ca do now:

  • Quiet lonely time thoughtless.
  • Think of all the things in life for which you are grateful for. Also, if they happened then more good things could happen again.
  • Say a small prayer: It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not but having a prayer told will be just as great if you do not have anything to think.

You ca simply go by pondering all your important wishes. I you can bring a child’s innocence to your thoughts, they are certain to happen as well.

Or, you can simply ponder all the worries you fear the day might brig forth ad strongly with unshaken faith trust the universe/God/the wonderful air around you! to impart the strength required.


        4. Go look up at the sun

After step 2. do head to the space in your house or the roof where you ca see the sun. In fact you ca do step 2 right here. Look at the early morning sun -when the rays are not that strong yet, but there is that warm light you ca feel when looking at it. Stare for a few seconds, then gently close your eyes. Stay with your eyes closed for some 10 seconds atleast and the open your eyes gently. You will certainly feel rejuvenated. Your surrounding will now appear slightly dimmer and you will be able to feel your own presence much more strongly – rather that of your mind. You feel that all of this dimmer surroundings and reality is what is outside of you. You are certain to have a stronger sense of your mind in control right after this. Also, the feeling imparts a huge sense of calmness and is humbling.

So, just look up at the gleaming sun, close your eyes and open then in 20 secs. to feel stronger!



          5. Dose of antioxidants

Have a cup of green tea with a piece of cinnamon.  Feel yourself lighter and cleaner with each sip. Break a square or 2 of dark chocolate slab to complete an everyday anti-ageing routine!


Do let me know how it has worked for you! If you have better or easier tips, do share them here. Empowering and helping every single person around you carves out a better environment that eventually helps yourself.







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